About us

About us

All my life, I have been passionate about dogs, my first word even being the name of my female dog. I particularly love dachshunds, for their big personality despite their small size.

Lucienne is a short haired miniature dachshund. When Lucienne arrived in our family, she immediately became the inspiration for everyone: the children crafted for her, drew her, and invented stories about her.

For the well-being of our four-legged love, I searched for the necessary products and couldn't find what I needed. So, I decided to create products specially designed for dachshunds and their needs.

On February 14, 2023, I gave myself the gift of love – I registered the Lucienne la Parisienne brand, whose logo was designed by my 9-year-old daughter.

Today, I am delighted to share with you my knowledge of this beautiful breed and offer you products for your dachshunds, which can also be used for other dogs! The goal is for us all to be happy!

Viktoriya, "mom" of Lucienne and creator of the Lucienne la Parisienne brand.

Behind every good person, there is always a long dachshund!