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Finally, outdoor baskets! If you have a house with a garden or a terrace, this is the basket you need!

Does your dog have dirty or wet paws? No problem, the fabric for these baskets is very durable and waterproof. Dirt stains dry quickly; just wipe with a wet sponge, and the basket will be clean again. The fabric doesn't absorb water and is sun-resistant.

The basket can be perfectly washed in the washing machine and air-dried.

All our baskets are handmade in an artisanal manner. They are padded with a soft and stable filling, maintaining their shape over time and through washes.

Available in various colors with a modern and trendy look for your terraces and gardens.


Outer fabric: 100% polyester, durable and easy to care for.

Filling: Hypoallergenic fiber flakes that do not form lumps, even after washing.


Hand wash or machine wash at 30°C. Light spin. Air or sun dry. A wet sponge is enough to remove stains.

Available in sizes M, L, XL:

M: 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm (Kaninchen Dachshund or small miniature)

L: 65cm x 45cm x 23cm (Miniature or standard Dachshund)

XL: 75cm x 60cm x 23cm (Big, standard or other Dachshunds)

*Attantion, the size and weight of your dog should determine the choice of basket.

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Beige/Chocolate, Gray/Black, Powder Pink/Chocolate


M, L, XL


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