Dachshund sound toy



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Dachshund sound toy

Your dachshunds will love playing with a friend who also makes the “poop poop" sound that they love so much!

We offer you a sound toy in the shape of a stuffed dachshund.

This toy is made of durable furnishing corduroy intended for human use, therefore non-toxic.

Its weight is light, it allows your pet to play easily, shake it like a rag, only its head is padded.

Your dog will not damage the teeth or swallow the ends like with plastic toys.

The ears and paws are lined with a layer of rustling paper, which makes a “rustling” sound when touched and kneaded, which attracts your dog's attention, stimulates his curiosity and interest, and makes the game more fun!

In addition to the rustling paper, the toy has a squeaker inside that makes a fun noise when the dog bites it.

Our sensory dachshund toys are perfect gifts for both puppies and adult dogs!

Handmade with love for our Dachshunds.


Fabric: 100% durable, easy-care polyester.

Filling: Hypoallergenic fiber flakes that do not form lumps, even after washing.


Hand wash or machine wash at 30°C. Light spin and drying. A wet sponge is enough to remove small stains.

Size: 37cm x 10cm

Available in two colors:

Black and Tan


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Tan, Black and Tan


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