Search & hunt mat

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Search & hunt mat

Dachshunds, with their hunting instincts, have an excellent sense of smell. However, in modern living, in houses or apartments, our dogs are not sufficiently stimulated.

The search&hunt mat is a wonderful tool and toy for keeping them occupied and mentally stimulated!

The goal is to hide treats that the dog needs to find and retrieve. Guide your dog to help them discover the hiding spots. This will engage their sense of smell and allow them to expend mental energy.

It’s ideal for stimulating the intellect of our dachshunds and keeping them occupied during our absence.

Especially if your dachshund is active, the search&hunt mat is a fabulous way to relieve boredom and expend energy while having fun at home.

The mat is made of fleece strips tied onto a plastic mesh support. Very easy to wash.

Hand made


100% polyester, durable and easy to care for.


Hand wash or machine wash at 30°C. Light spin and drying.

Available in size 40cm x 40cm

Available in one color

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1 review for Tapis de fouille

  1. solignac

    Tapis de fouille super épais, ne glisse pas, très bien fait! Twix adore chercher ses friandises et les couleurs sont magnifiques!

    • Lucienne la Parisienne

      Les tapis de fouille est un moyen de stimuler et occuper le chien, en plus les teckels ont besoin de se dépenser. Vous avez fait en bon choix et nous vous en remercions!

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